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Anvi Folder Locker 1.2.1370.0

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Anvisoft Corporation


Anvi Folder Locker is a new and free security tool developed to help computer users manage or protect their important files. With Anvi Folder Locker, you can lock your personal files for protecting your privacy, set a password to files so other users will have no access to visit.

⚠ Note: This product is not developed anymore and might not function properly.

If you are looking for alternatives, we recommend you to download Wise Folder Hider or Folder Lock.

You can also add permissions to your files to stop them from being modified, destructed, or removed. So just add a file or a folder, Anvi Folder Locker can Hide, Lock, Read Only, Hide and Lock, Password-Protect it.

Features and Highlights

Hide File or Folder
Hide the important or confidential files, they will remain invisible.

Add Permission
Add permission to your file, like Lock, Read Only, Hide and Lock, so they would not be modified, copied, or removed.

Set a password to a file or folder so only users with a valid password can access it.